A friend of mine is a devoted ToastMaster and invited me to join in one of their meetings held next to where I live.

I was in ToastMasters briefly and didn’t continue for reasons other than disliking the set-up.

My friend speaks well, many a time I wanted to give him some tips. For he never in my memory, ever said ‘you and me ‘, he and I’ but it is always ‘me and you ‘, ‘I and him’. 

Then my usual claim; I am liked much better!!

He is a very nice guy. I am not sure what and if ToastMaster has to do anything about it, but he speaks for the sake of speaking. You know what!

He wanted me to attend as there was a speech competition and he is one of the contestants. His subject is the F-word ; no not ending with k but t. More disgusting.

I had a dinner appointment and together with the thought of the nasty subject, I could wriggle out very easily.

This guy however wanted me to see how he is going to introduce the subject. He would start with a question ‘how many of you f…t..ed today. Oh well, well…

The dinner was excellent. Our guests were good old friends whose daughter went to UCLA as a result of my direct intervention rejecting a cheaper Canadian option for these rich people. The UCLA graduate was visiting amidst a gap year living with nature near Cape Town.

It was a street dinner. Tables set on the walkway of a traditional market where the best of Iranian food is offered. Perhaps the best fish and kababs ever along with the favorite Iranian bread.

The bill of KD24.600 ($82) is a bit high for street food for 5, I thought; but you never count your money when you are with such good company!

Good dinner, clearly late on a working day and like I say (nale pallikkoodam ond- there’s school tomorrow) before going to bed.

About to sleep and phone goes ‘Truunngg’ whatsapp from toastmaster showing best speaker certificate. Well congratulations for the win for such a wonderful subject….


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