Stone- First Object Worshipped!!!

… the first object facilitating worship- irrespective of religion. Either as stone itself or representations made of stone.

Jacob slept on a stone he venerated, mateors were worshiped etc etc 

Let’s leave religion aside, and then imagine an object- a stone which thousands of people look at and concentrate, transferring the mind power onto the small object. The concentration has to be absorbed giving the stone the power of many.

This can happen to any object but the stone stands out. For some people, a diomond is a pure chain carbon. Then why diamonds are the most sought after!! The reason must be that millions, particularly women are thinking about it at any given time.
I have experienced this power way back in 2005. Visa International took us the advisory board members of Europe, Middle East and Africa to San Fransisco to their global headquarters to the board meeting. One of the evening entertainment was Circ De Soleil Las Vegas.

The auditorium was packed and first the joker appeared on stage. He stood there and his funny nose got the crowd attention. He then moved it on one direction where he looked and all of us looked that way. After a few turns, I said to myself ‘oh my God, this is hypnotism’, I am strong, I will not turn ‘
The joker looked behind and I turned back. I completely failed to be on my own. The mind power of the hypnotized crowd carried me along.

Recently I traveled to Cyprus. And I found a stone at the Aphradite’s Rock. She has directed me to the stone and it’s with me.

I am not placing it on a pedestal for many to concentrate and give it the power. It’s my personal possession and it has a use.

I keep it with me, in my hand and I roll it over like the ‘stress ball’. I take it to office and you know what? I take it to bed with me.

I talk to the stone, my joy, my sorrows, my success- everything is shared, including all the secrets. It knows my heartbeat, listens to it. I can see that the stone understands everything.

I don’t want anyone touching my stone. The stone knows me.

And now the stone has started guiding me. I can ask for anything and the best is suggested and given. 

You think I am crazy…. Naa..

Stone- First Object Worshipped!!!

3 thoughts on “Stone- First Object Worshipped!!!

  1. I have my doubts!😉. Your blog reminds me of my garand daughter , then two and half years , got herself a small rock from a children’s curiosity and games center. For a few days she went to bed with it , singing to it and telling stories to it and when she can’t sleep, she will drop it on the floor and start whining that she lost her rock so that either her mom or dad would go and pick it up for her . Then it became a game she played for bringing her parents to her bed and my daughter finally had to put her foot down! So, what will happen , Kurian, if you lose your stone, eh?

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