Being a Malayalee!!

There are many things that gives you happiness and pride. Usual ones are successful children, personal high position, financial security built etc.

And now I am finding a new thing. I am proud to be a Malayalee!

A Malayalee is a Keralaite, hailing from the Sothern most part of India (before Tamil Nadu wanted and took Kanyakumari).

Other Indians joke about Malayalee, the ammunition usually provided by the Malayalee himself. One common one is the pronunciation, particularly of the English language. Most Malayalees go to Kollege. Then they go to Gelf.

But can a non Malayalee pronounce many of the Malayalam words? No way! Though it is also derrived from Sanscrit.

Then Malayalee insists on his own way of calling names. Philippines is philipiens, Kohli is kohali…

There’s bad news when it comes to Kerala. There’s hartal, strikes always, too hot, humid etc etc. But hartal to a Malayalee is an arranged holiday!

Who’s the most vocal adversary of anything Malayalee; mallu as we call it? Media, maybe to an extend, politicians- may not be!!

It’s the non resident Malayalee. The NRK always talk bad of things back home. Actually I prompted a slogan ‘Azadi from NRI s!

Look at what we have! 100% literacy, life expectancy rivaling Western Europe, highest growth and performance scores among indian states, more women than men, gender equality etc etc

The estimated migrant labor force in Kerala has touched 4 million out of 35!! Kerala is for workers in other states like Dubai to a Mumbayite. 

Look at some statistics in Wikipedia. 1.6 million NRKs earn approximately Rs750 billion annually while the 4 million migrant workers in Kerala send Rs. 250 billion annually outside the state.  

Kerala, Gods own country is a premier tourist destination. A USA based billionaire looking for cleanest air found it in Nedumangad in Kerala and set his camp. 

Coconut is super food, much talked about worldwide is linked to kerala’s name (just convert the copra oil to virgin).

For those who think communism is finished, take a look at the Kerala version where the church decides its election candidates. There’s nobody more politically savvy than a Malayalee. Where else you can find a street meeting where followers of warring parties shout at each other from fist range without touching each other 

There are many more to be proud of.

There’s however something that is in me. I am getting used to the lovely KD 5 ($ 16.5) lunch for 4. And I can’t get over the KD 50 lunch for 4. 

So if the ambience and attached price bring happiness to the folks, then go for it.

But be the mallu you are, and be proud of it….

Being a Malayalee!!

2 thoughts on “Being a Malayalee!!

  1. Having been a NRK myself for 38 years, the desire to come back and live in God’s own country was uppermost. But having come back and lived here for over five years, it is a mixed feeling now. Nothing gets done on time or the way one wants. Politics has sunk to sleaze and murder. Education is high but employability is poor. Attitude to work is very lackadaisical. Environmental destruction is heartbreaking.Rivers and water bodies have dried up . Verdant paddy fields are non existent. Labour is very costly, if and when available. And so on and so forth.
    Then there is color, lush green after the monsoons. The Indian laburnums in full bloom now all ready for Vishu, the remaining gulmohars with creating red canopies on roadsides, the myriad hues of Onam, the caparisoned elephants in feativals, the squirrels waking me up every day, the kingfisher taking a morning dip in our swimming pool, yes, I love to be a Mallu and living in mallunadu.
    You know, we always have a fish curry for ” lench” !


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