Blog friends…

I got introduced to blogging, seeing the blog site of a friend. When I started blogging, I realized that it is a good place to write your mind.

When you write something, it’s natural that you want some people to see what you have written. So you invite your close ones to your site. You get thrilled when some of them start seeing your posts and occasionally comment on them. The blog site statistics shows how many have viewed your posts but won’t tell you who!

You get to know when someone likes a post or make a comment. Here again like is seen only by you while other followers may see comments.

Naturally you start counting the number of views. Like and comments and get thrilled. Then you can imagine the feeling when those counts start to decline southwards. 

My latest blog ‘being a Malayalee’ don’t have even a single view after 2 days of publishing. And I am sad.

But then I have some posts targeted to us friends. Examples are ‘support ecosystem’ highlighting how important it is for friends to be together. And the ‘Soulmate’. Though soulmate may sound strange, it’s introducing a definition which could be a relief for many of us. 

I too thought that soulmate is the lover. But the definition says it could be anyone meeting certain criteria; a friend, guru, parent, spouse or lover.

We are blessed if the soulmate is the spouse. If not, should a married couple break it- certainly NOT. A real soulmate can fill in the gaps. Of course it’s a difficult situation when the soulmate is not the spouse but it is the lover!!

But if you find a friend as soulmate, receive him/her wholeheartedly. You can find HAPPINESS. 

For the above reasons, I think that you should keep supporting my blogging efforts. There are of course some selfish and stupid ones to satisfy my ego or passion. But I can assure you that there are others with sincere plan to help us interested and together.

I may use this opportunity to highlight something of my personality. If it’s boasting, then be it (forgive me).

I have started to claim that I am a ‘liked’ person. I have a sincere desire to help people. I have a self assumed title- mentor. Going by some of the recent activities, I excel in the job of trying and helping people. A mentor to a wide spectrum of people.

One of my friends whom I consider as my mentor and who fit into other definitions also told me a coach is better than a mentor. I believed that a coach is a paid job. I need to discuss this with my mentor/ coach.

Be proactive and help people. It will give you immense happiness. Have ‘being happy’ as one of your key goals. 

If you want a self test of your helping mentality; try this! Do you willingly participate in a survey requested by someone who is assigned with the task?

If not, take up the task of a field survey. You will never refuse a request after that experience. If you are like that, you have empathy; you will be liked and you will have HAPPINESS…

Blog friends…

7 thoughts on “Blog friends…

  1. Oh, Kurian, I am one loyal supporter of your blogs. They come as a refreshing interlude and I enjoy them. I appreciate your helping mentality and your like able disposition and I am sure there are many others like me. Don’t be put off if there aren’t any responses to your blog , just keep at it. Just like the motto” Do your honest bit and don’t look at the results” or something like that. Or like the Bhagavat Gita lesson: karm karo, phal ki kaamna mat karo.
    Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is what you mean, right? Be empathetic, that is it.

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    1. Yes Marykutty, you’re the most important supporter and adviser to me. I would await your comments eagerly to absorb the wisdom shared. In fact you are a much more capable potential blogger and I look forward to the day when I can read yours and absorb them, like them and post my comments


  2. Hi Kurian, I know your helping mentality bec you helped my daughter in time .I am thankful to you from my heart for that. Moreover helping others is serving the Lord .I know the happiness you get for each help you do.God bless you abundantly. I thank God for getting such a good friend, Kurian.

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  3. Mary Kuriakose says:

    All your blogs especially soulmate and friends reflects your heart feelings and your identity. Keep writing. I feel so happy to read your blogs, could not comment some of your blogs due to busy schedule. You spend your time for this good cause.

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