Dunno Yet!

Title of a short clip written by one of my favorite mentees, who is getting married in a week’s time.

Her mother is a relation and more a friend. She wanted me to guide the daughter who they thought lacked confidence etc etc .

So I adopted her and soon discovered some hidden talents. The 2390 word clip with the title just amazed me. The resume built around such hidden talents secured for her all the jobs available in the campus recruitment.

Like all humans I also developed some selfish motives. Perhaps she could write a book around my life experiences.

She may still write it- dunno yet!

But there’s a dilemma! How much of my life experiences can be told in the open. I am not a revelutionary thinker to say ‘hell with others’. After all they have protected me in keeping secrets and never showed any remorse or anger at the colorful life events.
Even if we change names or some of the details, others can reconstruct the real story using permutations and combinations.

Then the story loses spice without those colors.

So I have to let go a good story for the sake of those who gave me happiness and who give me the comfort that they also cherish those colorful events even now. I am duty bound.

Will I betray those who trusted me? NO. I do know 

Will I or my favorite mentee ever write a book?

Dunno Yet!

Dunno Yet!

6 thoughts on “Dunno Yet!

  1. Test question: Will it hurt or embarrass anyone? Will it benefit anyone? Balance the two answers. To do or not to do, the age old dilemma confronting every human!
    Via media: Don’t be brutally exclusive. May skip controversial or doubtful parts. You are not aiming at a no holds barred confession , are you? Remember Discretion is the better part of valor. I am sure even the censored version will be interesting and worth the effort.

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