Money Money 

Money , money, money 

Must be funny………..

All the things I could do, if I had a little money 

It’s a rich man’s world 

When the word money is heard, these ABBA lyrics come to mind.

My first effort to make some money is in one of the earliest childhood memories. Someone must have said (I don’t know) that money grows on trees.

Coming from a planter family, there was no second thoughts. Got hold of a quarter ana (12 anas to a rupee) which is of copper (closer to gold) with the middle empty circle, took something like a pickaxe and proceeded near to the cowshed (best of natural manure) and planted the money.

Of course I watered it every day and waited for the first buds to appear.

Lesson learned. It’s not easy to make money.

I do visit the place where I tried to plant it. To my luck in the family partition of properties etc, this particular plot is in my name.

Many years passed, luck took me to places where money grew on pay slips made (I believe) off trees.

Year 2002, the chairman of the biggest private sector bank in Kerala declared in a party that there’s none with a certain amount of bank balance.

And I was sitting there. Well I have done good.

A few years later, with more in the bank I was amused to see that I was nowhere near the leaders and at best am an also ran. 

Where’s these coming from. Not from the sometimes tax free payslips!

Then I heard the story of someone I knew vaguely with a dozen acres of land on main roadside near Pala, a medium sized municipality . He was woken up one day and told he could sell 10 acres for 100 crores (Rs one billion)

He has heard of crores but have no idea how many zeros are in it. But that doesn’t matter, he took no time to think, ‘150’ not a paisa less.

This guy barely earning a living till then is elevated to rupee billionaire still holding his ancestral 2 acres and plenty of money for jam.

How much is enough. That’s always an unknown number.

Then what you do with what you have (assuming there’s surplus)? One thing for sure, you can’t eat all that you used to!!!

Change in lifestyle. Possible. But not too far. Every time I plan a long trip, and say it is going to be business class; I come back to economy and mentally allocate the difference for gifts to children.

Wealth is a desired goal, but may not use it.

Then what’s important is health and happiness. Health and some wealth bring in some happiness. But real happiness is when you have loving people around you.

To all you lovely and loving people, I will do everything to be there with you…

Money Money 

5 thoughts on “Money Money 

  1. Well, Health , wealth and happiness: When you are healthy and poor, you think, you would be happy if you had wealth. You don’t even know how much is enough. By the time you are wealthy, even that is relatively, you would have probably lost your health and you cannot be happy. You try to buy health and happiness with your wealth, but find it impossible.
    I think one can be happy irrespective of one’s wealth or health. It is within one, only one has to feel and experience it instead of running after mirages.
    Sounds too philosophical? It is an affliction with me!

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  2. Mary Kuriakose says:

    As far as I am concerned money is not the one which will bring real happiness.Real happiness will come when you are having the feeling that somebody is there to understand you to share your feelings .Of course wealth & health are also essential as water and air for us to finish our journey

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