Birthday; date month and age!!

I love Facebook for it’s stand on birthdays. Here you can have your birthday published with the day of the month it happened and you can keep the year of birth a secret. 

Then Facebook prompts friends to wish the birthday baby on the timeline and keep a count of such greetings. 

You get greeted by your friends and the friends in turn get to see greetings from other friends. Perhaps this is the best birthday gift for me.

Some of my friends use other media like whatsapp, sms, messenger, phone etc to greet or wish. They think it’s more personal. But they don’t know human (me) is a vain person and look to see the number of Facebook wishes on the timeline.

So if you want to still use whatsapp to make it personal, do it; but only after a post on my timeline.

And don’t you worry that your friend is getting old and think about the dress to wear for my funeral. I am not going anywhere. I just found something. I am growing backwards!

Oh yes, I am younger than last year, and still will lose another year, next year and so on. 

How do you do that? Not very difficult, I found a method. Just keep raising your end time.

Confused? Let me explain:- suppose you are to die at calendar age 80, then you have 80 minus your calendar age to live. Let this be x.

Then if you raise your death calendar age to 85.  Then you have x + 5 years to live. Keep raising this end date by a year, every year, then you can keep this x+5 for as long as you want or you get fed up of it.

What if you raise end year by 2 every year? Then you have a slight accounting problem. 

I have that now. And the solution is to deduct the 5 and then the incremental 1 from your calendar age on a cumulative basis.

This way, there’s is a possibility that I may go below in age to some of my young friends and please don’t mind!

This explains my 1 hour on treadmill, half hour weights, planned stretching, getting back to swimming, avoid sweets, eat moderate, drink 2 spoons of self made virgin coconut oil etc. 

That’s my part. I need to get agreement from God. So I have to pray.


Birthday; date month and age!!

4 thoughts on “Birthday; date month and age!!

  1. Very very Happy Birthday! Don’t try to confuse us with all your calculations. You live a hundred years and then start counting from zero. Don’t worry about God, you do your part and He will be fine. Anyway, I don’t think He needs plastic so , he won’t call you anytime soon.
    Btw, you are not growing a tail, are you? Don’t go that far backwards! 😄😄😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you.
      And thanks for the wise comments (advices)
      And that reminds me of the new Malayalam movie (Darvinte Parinamam – Darvin’s Evalution). Did you see


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