Memorable Birthday 

Birthday yesterday was truly memorable. Highlight of course was the exclusive evening get together over dinner with close friends. 

There were two cakes, and I must say that it took the cake. The symbol of love for a birthday.

One of my favorites is the traditional Kerala bread pudding. Sunu has been treating me with one on every birthday and it was there in the morning.

Lunch, exclusive and it was. But the question came up ‘why don’t you plan it proactively? Why I have to do it every time’ True, I will remember next year.

The private lunch at the exclusive restaurant was good but thoroughly loved by Sunu 

Then the highlight of the day. The evening party at home was very exclusive with very very close people. 

The idea of group holidays henceforth is born and will be looking forward to it 

About 250 of my 850+ Facebook friends greeted me on my birthday. I must work with the rest 600. What’s wrong girls and boys!!!

Broke all recent resolutions. Ate sweet desserts to intoxication. Skipped gym conveniently. Dreamt of of many things. Kissed the stone.

One thing for sure, I have not grown old!!!

Memorable Birthday 

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