Holidays with Friends, present and future!!

The great idea of holidaying with friends has been formalized in the recent birthday party. There is much to look forward to here.

To begin with, the first one planned is with existing and close friends. It’s priceless!!

How about giving a boost. Your friends will have their friends and friend of a friend is a friend. Then why not look for meeting them and knowing them better. 

One sure way is to enlarge the prospect list when planning a holiday. After an initial research, and shortlisting the place and the time of holiday, open the plan to friends of friends (Facebook term) also. 

This has several advantages. You get to know new people. Just not anyone at random, but the friend of a friend. Again, everyone will not be available at a particular time or for a specific place. Opening up to a larger group could ensure a quorum.

That’s more people into the support ecosystem. And I may get to increase the target audience for my blogs.😊

So I am serious. Why don’t we stay together and discuss holiday plans. We will also seek to bring in new people into this think- tank. This way things will happen.

Food for thought. I will be delighted to see comments…

Holidays with Friends, present and future!!

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