Jackfruit, chakka we call it, is a popular big fruit in Kerala. Along with Kappa (Tapioka or Kasava) it has been a staple food for the common man in Kerala.

Both are seasonal, jackfruit more so. While kappa is a single crop or one life cycle plant, some of the jackfruit trees are older than me.

Biggest of all fruits and very tasty the fruits have a very strong and distinct aroma. Like all good things, it’s not easy to eat the jackfruit. The eatable part is well secured with an outer cover with small and mildly sharp thorns. The numerous yellow fruits inside are protected again with a very sticky substance which on contact will stay with you till an old timer tells you to apply kerosene to remove it. 

When small we used to put the sticky substance along with some bird food to catch birds alive. 

Jackfruit in season could suggest sign of affluence in Kerala. I remember a branch of a big tree in our land giving in with the weight of the 16 or so fruits and landing on the river side. Three days passed and nobody bothered to take any of them and had to be removed so that the river is not polluted.

Jackfruit like coconut has many uses. The fruits for deserts, raw one steamed/ cooked as breakfast or evening tea time, still young ones for the Kerala thoran (Side dish for rice and prepared with grated coconut), leaves for some Ayurveda treatment particularly for rheumatic pain etc etc.

And if you ever cut down a jackfruit tree, the solid wood has many many uses like for furniture, house building etc

And remember, inside the sweet fruit the seed is a delicious item taken just roasted or used in cooking in several ways.

And now jackfruit is a health food. The raw one cooked in Kerala style called puzhukk actually reverses diabetes. And you know what!!

But the reason for my excitement today is that I saw a recipe published in Malayalam newspaper by a relation. She has given the recipe for chakka unda (jackfruit balls) which is one of the many uses with the fruit and if I try to write on them, all of which will take a day to pen.

Chakka unda lasts over a year. And it’s lovely. You know what!! I am going to make it this Friday in Kuwait.

Watch this space…….


12 thoughts on “Jackfruit 

  1. Brings me the smell of Jackfruit..When my sister was in Thirunelveli, there used to be trees in her garden full of jackfruit and we had to find takers for the fruit..since everyone had one or two trees in their own garden..now we go to the market to buy a handfulof the fruits… 😉 wonder why the Jackfruit is not called the King of Fruits ..it deserves to be based on its size and the wonderful flavour…

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    1. Radha, thanks for the comments and support. If my chakka unda attempt succeed, I will at least have a photo published as I can’t come and give you a few now. I will keep it in mind for future


  2. In my back yard there is one big jack fruit tree and number of jack fruit s in that .usually i give it to my friends and relatives around me. Here in Tamilnadu people are very craze for that.Raw jack fruit they are not cooking. But i never heard about chakka unda .you please send a parcel or send a recipe

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  3. Is it the Chakka or your blog!!!!,. In Trivandrum we have a Chakka festival now every year, started a few years back. The fruit is becoming very popular day by day. The taste I can never forget is of my mother’s Chakka Thera! She used to make it with very ripe jackfruit pulp mixed with mango pulp and rice flour. The leaf folded into a cone shape is the poor man(woman)’s spoon to eat the lowly rice porridge (kanji)! 😊

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    1. Oh yes, I have used the cone shaped leaf. And remember that when I hear the saying ‘ koranu kanji kumbilil thanne’ Jackfruit like coconut is becoming international favorites!


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