Why am I like this?

No no no! Don’t get me wrong! I am saying this in a very positive way..

If there’s any doubt, let me try and convince you that I am actually closer to the truth than away from it. Sunu is right now in the air nearing Chicago as per the flight tracker. 

Your wife is away and you are not supposed to say that you are happy. Yes I didn’t say that, but is it implied? 

But she is going to our daughter’s place and I am to join in some 20 days time. And you see I can’t try chakka unda when she is here. She won’t take the aroma of the jackfruit. 

Again just before going to the airport, we had the most memorable Vishu sadya. The vegetarian spread had 17 mouth watering items, very lovingly cooked by the most clever and everybody’s favorite and super and young working mom.

That’s not all.. i had the unique privilege of handling over the Vishu Kaineettam. Priceless!

On my return from airport, I saw a connection request from good old friend Kalyan Seshan. IIM A topper, co worker, most unpredictable, brilliant with skills including palm reading and my able companion for violently attacking the crab in masala at Mahesh lunch home. 

He gave me a name ‘Q’ the only person cleverer than James Bond on her majesty’s secret service.

This contact comes after some 22 years and Kalyan now is a senior official at JP Morgan Chase.

And you know what, here’s the chakka unda I made 

It’s not over. Five fresh coconuts were opened, flesh extracted, crushed and the fresh coconut milk is filtered out for making the virgin coconut oil.

Home alone… well spent I suppose 

It’s alright to be this way, Agree?

Why am I like this?

3 thoughts on “Why am I like this?

  1. You have the perfect recipe to happiness, It is as simple as that. When you are with your partner, do the things that both enjoy; when you are alone, do the things that you alone enjoy. Nothing wrong with you. Wish more people could adopt this formula, certainly there would be less sorrow all around.
    Enjoy your temporary single hood and you’re Chakka Undas!

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  2. Just enjoy the moment. As much as we love our partner it is good to be alone once in a while. I personally need these moments because they are often a source of inspiration.


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