Oh No!! Oh No!!!

What’s happening around us!!

We were told skimmed milk is good for health, especially when you are not a child. Now it’s the full cream ones you should go for!!

Jackfruit was thought to be catalyst for diabetes. Now the Kerala staple food chakka puzhukku, a preparation using raw and matured jackfruit is not only good for health, it can reverse/ cure type 2 diabetes.!!

Coconut products were termed as villains and considered to be injurious to health. Now coconut and particularly the virgin coconut oil is super super health food capable of reversing even such deadly ones such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s!! (But I knew this all along and believed in the negative role of anti coconut lobby with vested interest).
Eggs of course were good but advised to remove the yolk especially when you are fed up of celebrating birthdays. Now full egg is something to be on your menu.

Vegetarian diet was in the wish list of those who were allowed to be carnivores. Now all vegetarian diet will put you into major risk!!

Norman Borlaug is one name I remember among Nobel Laureates. But now he’s questioned on his earth shattering modifications to the most consumed grain wheat. The modified wheat is not only bad, you can recover from many ‘ills’ by avoiding it- oh no!!

One consumes alcohol to get tipsy. Drinking is bad. You can get tipsy on red wine also. And now one glass of red wine a day can replace one hour in the gym in a day!!

Virgin olive oil has been a health fad. And if you can get the extra virgin, you’re arrived. Now extra virgin olive oil is big time game for the Italian mafia and the virgin ones are officially adulterated. Oh yes!! (sorry I am wicked, I just thought of virgin coconut oil and that I can make it doing a selfie mafia for the good ).

And the list go on……..

You’re in doubt!!! GOOGLE…

And now comes the mother of all scams. Statin, which many of us worship, is a cancer promoter. 

I just can’t take this. I threw the tablet strip away this morning. Actually I don’t have a cholesterol problem. Once or twice; sometime in the past my readings came closer to borderline. It actually gets down when I exercise. Now gym is a routine. 

But I used to continue as someone told me 10 mg a day is good for you!!

It doesn’t end there. There are findings that cholesterol is good and vital for the brain. HDL need not be good and LDL need not be bad. There are versions (v.1.1, v. 2.8 etc.) of cholesterol which are good or bad.

And you know what!! Nobody knows what is which. No not even your doctor.

This is a body blow. I am completely and clean bowled here. And I know one thing- you can never fight the might of the drug mafia; sorry, industry.

But we can pray. And those of you who are good with God, please pray for all of us….

Oh No!! Oh No!!!

5 thoughts on “Oh No!! Oh No!!!

  1. It is all to do with the original sin! No amount of prayer is going to save us. So we live with all these issues with no slutions and end our lives with nothing resolved, thanks to Adam and Eve!!!!!! The devil made fools of them and the present day Devils make fools of the current population. So, leaving all worries aside, let us be merry. 😄

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  2. Time and Again… depending on what the powers want to sell where… I understand a lobby spoke to Baba Ramadev to promote Badam…because they had too much yield in their country. ..story is he refused to do it…this is how business runs…food, medicine, whatever…stick to your roots and you and I will be safe….

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      1. Yes, some things are. The quite influence of the farmers which we have no way of knowing – seedless fruits, rampant usage of fertilizers and chemicals… .which invariably gets into our food chain without us being able to do anything abt it..even if we stick to a wholesome Indian diet !

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