Press Freedom and Rankings 

I normally avoid subjects linked to politics and religion. And like most of us i am a victim of it’s excesses in the media. And I wonder why we can’t have some impossed restrictions if self restraint is absent.

I used to feel miserable to see an arrogant tv face of my favorite newspaper group annoy the sh..t out of me by what I believe, paid actors running amok on the channel.

And I was relieved that he probably would have been exposed and many people have moved out of that channel. I do peek occasionally in the hope that the newspaper group which used to carry RK Laxmon’s common man, showed him the door. But he is still there, exploiting the freedom but without any restraint, self or otherwise.

Then the Malayalam news channel, managed by my friends, shocking me with the pretender to the above English counterpart who misused the freedom granted to him by idolising a woman facing some 36 criminal charges and confessing as the official po..n thing, and using a suspect letter to take revenge on the chief minister of the state!!

The only consolation is that these channels are losing out on viewership and the second one getting the nickname connected to their misplaced heroine.

The above may be dismissed as personal opinions and feeling, but:

India ranks only 133rd in press freedom. And I am confused! What if the rank is improved? Or is the evaluating agency using their own version of the misguided freedom!!!

Press Freedom and Rankings 

2 thoughts on “Press Freedom and Rankings 

  1. The standard of Channel reporting have gone down the drain. It is sensationalism and sleaze that sells. The channel reign of the woman in question went on for so long simply shows the mentality of not only the producers but pitifully the viewers as well. It is a shame. Another revolting area in channel broadcasting is the competition in insensensitivity in flashing the pictures of bloody mutilated mangled human bodies from disaster sites or people writhing in agony after such events or the heartbroken and shocked kith and kin wailing in uncontrollable grief. I don’t think any other country allows such cruel reporting! Sometimes a picture may be able to bring home the point one wants to make, better than any number of words like the photograph of the burnt little Vietnamese girl fleeing in agony from the Napalm bombing or Qutubbudin Ansari in abject terror and begging his attackers to spare his life with folded hands at the height of the Gujarat riots. But they have to be used with utmost discretion and in the right perspective.

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    1. Very good point that I missed. Matured media, when using such pictures on rare occasions, actually warn the audience that it may be disturbing. Here neither the media house or the presenters have such maturity.


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