Earth Day… Time to act 

The time has come for us to act. Looks like even the global warming activists are just conservative in their estimates. The signs are alarming.

Can we wait for the likes of Al Gore to take the lead and then disappear from actions which can reverse the danger? Perhaps not, perhaps it is getting too late.

Temperatures in certain parts of India are likely to test 50 Celsius soon. They are already at 45. 

And in the Middle East we just saw heavy rains and floods running through posh office buildings.

It’s not enough to measure the percentage at which glaciers are melting. And we will be distroying nature which we need to pass on to future generations, if we sit and wait for someone else to act.

It’s time, we as individuals take whatever action possible. We also need to look at doing something in groups or participating in the good efforts of others.

What can we do on our own. Let me share somethings I am thinking about. 

I will make a conscious effort to ensure that I will not be instrumental in cutting any tree in my land. I will also try and plant some more.

There are plans to try mango planting using the new technique ultra high density planting where upto 670 trees are planted in one acre.

Another plan is for coconut trees and for a small facility to make virgin coconut oil.

Others include reducing plastic, going organic and not to do anything that will contaminate water.

Other group actions are required. For one, is it a good idea to appeal to the Indian government to give tax concessions to the manufactures of Tesla cars to be made/assembled in India. Also to build charging points across the country.

I think ‘make in India’ is supported here..

Happy earth day. Save earth and thereby ourselves..

Earth Day… Time to act 

2 thoughts on “Earth Day… Time to act 

  1. Yes, it is our duty to our future generations to leave the earth habitable. Your plans are laudable. I have made it a practice to take cloth bags to shopping and refuse to take plastic bags from the shopkeepers. At least , one can start by reusing the plastic bags till they remain good. I want to do away with the use of paper napkins , but am finding it difficult. I have bought some handkerchiefs and will start using them from now on. Everyone has to contribute starting in small ways. Drops make the ocean, right.

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