Long distance travel

This US trip is my first long distance travel after coming back to Kuwait in May 2015. I am writing this from Frankfurt airport, transiting to Chicago.

Kuwait immigration was a pleasant experience. The officer at the counter in fact had a conversation with me. 

I am not traveling business but the credit card of my bank gives free lounge access. That took care of dinner and in good time as I had the fridge cleaned. Achievement though is the control in taking some vegetables and cus cus instead of the yummy looking noodles and accompaniments.

I had the exit seats pre booked in Lufthansa with plenty of leg room and a lovely air hostess sitting opposite for take off and landing.

Food though was not enough for the 6 + hour flight but some objectives are met unwittingly.

It was the longest march to the gate and US security. Security was friendly and even commented on my small backpack as the only luggage; a pleasure I can have only when traveling alone as Sunu counts unused weight eligibility as monetary loss calculated at excess baggage rate.

The only hitch so far is the huge lady police officer while scanning me asked to unfold my carefully folded new short shirt to force believe that I look cool..Damn.

Now for the longer flight of 9 hours to Chicago, probably the most chaotic airport. Exit seat again..

Using the law of attraction to make everything alright in Chicago also 

Long distance travel

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