Law of Attraction 

It works all the time. Think positively and command what you want. You get it.

Chicago is a chaotic airport. We have missed connecting flights as the immigration lines took hours to get us to the counter. 

I said I will have a smooth immigration as I have asked for it using the law of attraction.

You know what happened? Though it took a long time to get out of the new Boeing 747. 800 of the Lufthansa, I literally walked to the immigration counter. Never happened before; no queue.

The only question immigration officer asked was how much money I carry with me!

What the hell! I am a credit card man!!

The truth is Sunu has all the money and was waiting for me in Dublin. This is not Irish Dublin- but of Columbus Ohio.

Smooth immigration has its own drawbacks sometimes. Longer waiting time at the very crowded O-Hare airport 

Food in Lufthansa is not sufficient. There’s a new food court and decided on Chinese fried rice with two sides, chicken with vegetables and lemon chicken.

The food tasted like Donald Trump’s vision of China. Not worth the $8+. Mac would have been better!!

And finally with loved ones.. And you know, nothing better than be with grandchildren!!

Law of Attraction 

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