Uncle Sam

I was ‘uncled’ by ‘minions’ looking old men in hoards assembled to eat deshi food on offer. With put up accent and always trying to hide jealousy behind envy, they are all well to do Indian Americans with private life dating back to the American Indian glory days.

I shouldn’t be negative on these well to do groups, but that’s my weakness. I become hostile when I am addressed ‘uncle’. My first reaction (mostly in the thoughts but expressed on a few occasions) is ‘oh which one of those is your anty’. ‘Really she did tell you?’.

These group of Indian Americans are well to do even by American standards!! They are in the earnings group from $ 90,000 to over half a million. But the peer pressure force them to live in similar sized huge houses and premium cars.

They are well respected there. The only difference or discrimination is that they are immigrants while their counterparts with similar profile but skin color different are Americans or at worst ‘expats’.

I used to always pick up an argument with them when all of them talk bad things about India. By the way right now I have a different problem. My favorite place in the whole world and Gods own country,Kerala is called Somalia. Break the TV?
Back to Indian Americans- they have succeeded in adapting to the land which adopted them. They have their own teams to support games. They don’t know football but are crazy about soccer. 

In short they walk and weigh like Americans.

But any deshi father of a friend is uncle. It’s like building watch men in Kuwait. They are all Harris! 

They look at all fathers and mothers as necessary uncles and aunties serving as aayas and caretakers at home when they are busy at work. The inevitable stay of six months maximum but can take turns!!

So they refuse to adapt where politeness is using Mr. or sir. 

Uncle! with the constant permanent smile and foolish look! All of them!! 

No hope!!

Uncle Sam

2 thoughts on “Uncle Sam

  1. I thought this ” uncling and auntying” is the legacy of Northern India imported to Kerala with the ” chooridaars” . I didn’t know it is prevalent among the expats in the US! What an exasperating audacity! 😏

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