I have been a generalist for most part of my life. I know generalist is a very broad term and let me try and explain what I am saying. 

I had this in me from childhood. I always think of the other person. A good word here is empathy. As one among 10 siblings, I always gave consideration to others and used to be happy with what’s left. If not anything else, this kept me out of any controversy and loved.

This continued in school, college, work life, brief breather and now back to work life. Well almost!!

Coming back to work life during the late working years has been a privilege but had it’s own challenges. For one, you always have the feeling that you are out of sync!

Not really, I am interacting with all and sundry and I often get a sneaking suspicion that I evince some envy with the way I am comfortable with the opposite sex. 

Only yesterday one of my colleagues commented that he started laughing in workplace only after I came in as the workplace is full of people trying to pull the other down. 

These things however don’t in any way change my generalist title.

The difference was when as part of my empathetic nature and claim of being a mentor, I started interacting with someone I briefly knew before.

That’s when it happened. The inner strength of this person started a reversal in roles. The successful mentor in me surrendered and assumed the mentee status.  I admitted this but the acknowledgment was super. ‘No I don’t want to be mentor to anyone; I am a Coach ‘.

The coach took me to many beautiful insights. Taught me many things. I learned a lot, it made me more confident, comfortable and happy. 

I lost my ‘generalist’ tag.

But then the coach is becoming slowly inaccessible. I must know that the coach has to take care of others and is a generalist. Perhaps I have graduated.

Still a generalist!!! 

Anyone to give me a more appropriate title?


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