And it Works!!

For a first, WordPress has a problem (not me). My friends are seeing my posts, but may be reluctant to like or comment. But WordPress should record the view. See what I mean!!

After a delayed period I had a good sleep last night. By the way all these are recorded now.

Fitbit is a present from Sunu and for the first time it messaged ‘congratulations, you achieved the goal ‘ against sleep. Wow.

So happy!!

Now I can be Walter Mitty, friend, devotee, mentor and trainee to the coach.

Had dharshan of Godess, and along with Aphradite’s Rock, Fitbit is constant companion.

Back to work!

And it Works!!

4 thoughts on “And it Works!!

  1. you too Kurian ;).. Folks go over these devices..i cant be bothered with one more device, multiple data points and what not eating up whatever little time is left of our day..My grandfather and father lived well without these devices and i will too..Simple life, i prefer…

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