Eating Out Happily!!

Eating out is a yuppie thing. You don’t usually eat out when there’s no food at home. Here one go for a take away!

Eating out is special. There are so many things to look into. Like who you are going out with. Then you have to take into account the liking of your companions on the cuisine, restaurants star rating, location etc. 

By the way- eating out alone! Come on, don’t tell me you did that at a fine dining place!!

For me any place is good enough. If alone and famished to eat out, the best choice is street food or thattukada.

The subject here is, what makes eating out special. 

The food. Important but I would pass this. And I may say that I have not come across some of the best food in childhood days ever again!

Ambience. Maybe for some, but not for me. Normal cleanliness and ambience is good enough. I may not even notice if the white linen is absent.

Restaurant rating. Not at all. I am not snobbish when I say that I never had that extra nice ones in 5star restaurants!

Service. Yes important

Price. Yes important, especially when other things missing.

Who are you with…. Priceless 

When you are in that priceless situation, other things will fall in and get taken care of.

That happened in last night dinner out. The place was just okay, cuisine good, service didn’t exist in the beginning and ambience- well some of the snobbish people I know will not get in.

Then we had the best of company. 

All became, not just okay but one of the best time spent. 

What if we struggled to get a proper place to sit, took ages to get the attention of the waitress, manager telling ‘you can go also ‘ etc etc.

I also have to admit, the food was good. There was doggie bag though we had to pack ourselves.

No doubt… It’s who you are with, the most important for eating out. Even if you don’t eat everything!!

Eating Out Happily!!

2 thoughts on “Eating Out Happily!!

  1. I fully agree with you. Eating out can be a pain in the butt if the company is bad, even if the food, the ambience and the service are all excellent, all of which rarely exist together.

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