Rain Dance 

Monsoon has arrived in Kerala. In my view its the best season and I am sure to miss it. Of course I will be there for all of three and half days and look forward to it.

Sudden burst of rain with sheets of water could make us abandon everything and rush out to the open with or without clothes in the childhood days. And we did the rain dance all over again recently when the downpour happened right after a party. And I am willing to do that and wanting to do that and hoping to do that over and over again.

The difference in monsoon rain to summer rain is the relative absence of lightning and thunder. You know what I mean!

I do miss sitting in our balcony and watching the rain over the sprawling backwaters. I miss the drive in the rain. I miss the group bathing in the river full of flowing water.

But the rain will come again and the not so little, I want to play…

Rain Dance 

4 thoughts on “Rain Dance 

  1. Running in the rain around the house splashing the water collected in the muttam was a favorite until all the water drained away. By the second week of the school year at least one of us five will be down with fever , and the others sniffling , but that never discouraged us from the rain dance! Not forgetting the procession of paper boats in the rain water!
    ” yeh daulat bhi le lo, t yeh shoharat bhi le lo, bhale chheen le mujch se meri jawani,
    Magar louta do mujche voh kagaz ki kashti , voh saawan ka paani”

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