Home Again… for longer stay

The initial plan was for a short and tight 3 and half days in Kerala. There’s is some good news cooking. There could be a week of work in Bangalore during the week starting June 20. And it is a week and a couple of days away from the Eid holidays in Kuwait.

The obvious thing then is to bridge them with a few days of leave. 

That will be all of 20 plus days in India. In the ratio of 40:60 between Bangalore and Kerala. I am excited.

A get together of standard chartered friends, meeting mango project front liners and a visit to Deemandala farm. Some fishing (though my fishing rods are in kochi). 

Rain and rain dances in Kerala. Time in my favorite balcony of my favorite house Uparika Malika. Visiting relatives. Hours and hours in the river where I grew up. Will try some old tricks. 

And there could be many more including a chance but deliberate encounter. For these are the some of my favorite things…..

Home Again… for longer stay

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