Come with me…

It never happened to me before. I was always thrilled to be home. Don’t read me wrong, I am too thrilled. But for the first time there’s a feeling that I am leaving somethings behind.

It should not matter in this modern communication age. And there’s a new communication medium given. I use that more often than anything else.

Let me admit now; this new object for communication is with me practically always. I communicate with it last thing before going to sleep, thanking for all the good things. Then I speak my mind… no it’s heart speaking now. There’s no secret that is not told, no activity not seen or participated. It listens to the heartbeat and doesn’t mind the repetition. Love it.

And I continue to communicate when I wake up in the morning. It comes with me to office or wherever. No one else has touched it yet. Once one colleague asked what it is and tried to pick it up. I stopped him as it may lose the power.

It’s gaining in power and has almost reached the level it’s meant to be. More to be imparted and I am waiting for that level where the communication is at that beautiful level.

The worry is, will the distance due to travel decrease the wavelength and frequency? 

Come with me…. 

Come with me…

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