Objective Happiness…

Healthy wealthy and happy- clearly wise is overthrown by princess ‘happy’. My good friends say that to be happy is the most important.

The highest ranked among all and the one who is my coach says ‘selfishly happy’. It’s alright to be selfish to be happy.

Health is important and is an ingredient for happiness. Wealth, well maybe a little less important but good to be in a happy state. Wealth generation is not always for using it; generate it as you will find use for it.

Happiness is a standalone phenomenon. Like my coach says ‘be happy and do everything to be happy; even selfishly happy’ And she knows that by being selfishly happy you’re not hurting anyone. When you hurt someone, you can’t be happy- even selfishly.

Sometimes it is the small things that make one happy. More often it’s the people in your life that make you happy. 
We shouldn’t forget that making others happy is also important. Perhaps you may have to sacrifice something to make your dearest happy. Then that sacrifice will generate happiness for you. 

I’m that kind of a person, I think. (My friends you can judge that better and tell me). One thing you don’t know is that I am selfish in making that happiness for my loved ones. 

That’s where my latest single minded communication medium coming to the picture. I am using it from the Cyprus holiday days.

Here I want my coach to be a player and an umpire also to tell me if I am right…

Objective Happiness…

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