Barbecue Nation….

Yes, Barbecue Nation, Indiranagar, Bangalore is my favorite restaurant. 

We have guests, well colleagues from Gulf Bank Kuwait as we have a week long meeting in Bangalore. The first batch is already here and we took them out for dinner.

The first name for the place coming to mind is Barbecue Nation. They have other branches, but we keep going back to the Indiranagar one.

The restaurant was booked chockablock and it was only Sunu’s most effective persuasiveness that ensured the reservation. The description included ‘first time visitors to India’ which we forgot when reservation was confirmed.

We all reached on time and the food riot started. If you have not been to BBQ Nation, the starters on skeevers keep coming on the charcoal grill on the table, unlimited. In fact it works like this; there is a flag on a small mast on the table. BBQ, most sacculent keep coming till you surrender. To surrender, you have to lower the flag.

There’s main course buffet which normally people pretend as if it’s not there as the starters are so good you don’t have stomach for anything other than the kulfies which include the novelty- pan kulfies which has ingredients and taste like the chewing pan masala. Then people sin on the desert corner.

Most striking features are the friendliness and efficiency of waiters. Well trained indeed. One will keep a note to remember a handsome tip. But you can’t, they don’t accept the tip, taken care of with a 4% service charge on the bill.

The evening was made with a most cutest gesture from the management. There came a cake with ‘Welcome to India ‘ written on!!! WOW!!!

I asked each one of our guests who are a good percentage of UN membership and the consensus- we have never seen anything like this…

And I remembered, even a keto-dieter will find enough protein…

Barbecue Nation….

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