Soulmate Suspense….

A friend sent this remembering my post on soulmates. That refreshed memories and I went through what I was writings on it.

There is one question posed; is it possible to have a one sided soulmate like a one sided love? My belief was that it was not possible. The definition I came across and posted says that when you connect and… Two souls flow together… Such a deep bond be found you found your soulmate. Etc etc. (please read post again for full text.

So it’s a connection of two people and as such it is not one sided. So if you have found a person with whom you can share secrets as soulmate, then your soulmate also should be open to you.

Soulmates will have a different level of communication and agreed medium.

If you think it’s one sided, you better be wrong, otherwise all these theories are wrong. Perhaps your soulmate maybe testing you.

I remember reading another item saying all soulmates will end up hiding in the same place. If so muster the courage and ask…

Soulmate Suspense….

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