View, Like, React and Comment 

The best thing that I can hope for after blog posting is to get the highest number of views, likes and comments. 

I suspect that people can read blog posting from the email and WordPress can’t register them as viewers. 

My request to my friends is to view posts on the blog site so that I get a view registered. And for information I won’t know who has viewed, in case someone wants anonymity.

Then people post on media like fb and wait for friends to like react and comment. It gives a good feeling when friends respond.

Unfortunately many are prowlers on the site absorbing everything but wouldn’t give satisfaction by letting you know that they saw what you have.

I am very eager to know that my close ones are seeing and commenting on what you have to say.

Imagine the feeling when you see your closet people absent in the list of those who liked the postings. 

I keep opening fb every other minute to see the name and immaturely get upset and depressed. There may be reason to do that. No contact may be the decision. I must have done something wrong.

But the stone given didn’t say anything. Believe in it and keep what you have been doing. 

It’s a passing phase for sure.

Friends please give indication that you care by marking a ‘like’ on here, fb and respond on what’s up

Friendship is forever…

View, Like, React and Comment 

3 thoughts on “View, Like, React and Comment 

  1. Kurian, a few missing likes on your posts shouldn’t upset you. You shouldn’t confuse it with declining interest. True friends will always stay with you irrespective of a lack of response on all your posts. Be happy , always.

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