Farming Dreams….

The first step towards farming has been taken. A team of 5 went to the farm land yesterday and the beginning of what would be a very successful partnership idea is firmed up.

The three girls and two boys team stood on the land and decided to take the next steps 

To begin with the soil PH level testing. Action immediate, helper summoned and soil collected for testing in the agricultural university where one of the visitors has established contacts.

Initial idea is around mango, supporta (chikku) and coconut trees along the boundary.

Caretaker family to be housed on the property is available. 

Devepoer of the farm conglomerate is to prepare the land for planting.

A bore well to be dug in the property 

Get more like minded people into the group participating as absentee farmers (almost)

Those who visit the farm for supervision reimbursed expenses. Etc etc

The group to have get togethers, picnics, travel both inland and overseas with available members 

Exciting times ahead 

Join in

Farming Dreams….

4 thoughts on “Farming Dreams….

  1. Mary Kuriakose says:

    very good idea Kurian Jacob.Have you acquired the land.A very peaceful business.On my way to Kerala I wish to see your farming.Give more important for your coconut trees which can again be converted for your Virgin Coconut oil production..So nice to hear about your plan.Any help from my side is welcome.

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