Bangalore Days… Briefly Again 

I have been back in Bangalore for all of 11 days. The place has changed a lot even from my earlier visit over a year ago. 

Then, imagine the changes from the days of my romance with the city some 25 years back. That was when we made it our home for all of 4 years when I was with Standard Chartered Bank.

Office was 10 minutes away in the morning and 18 minutes in the evening. Same distance would be 45 minutes both ways now.

Trees outnumbered vehicles then, and we see only ocean of vehicles now 

Still there is something to the city. It still attracts some of the best talents. 

Like I know that people from the state of andra pradesh are tech savvy than others, Bill Gates found out that his numerous and best talent are from the state.

The result was his first development center outside US in there, only to realize that the local talent want to work in Bangalore 

Hopefully the town planners will find a solution to the traffic problem and the city will regain old charms. 

And I am happy and assist closet people to acquire interest in the city so that we can flock together.

Now I am back in my most favorite place Kerala wishing that Bangalore will continue to be the no. 2

That’s the SMart way…

Bangalore Days… Briefly Again 

2 thoughts on “Bangalore Days… Briefly Again 

  1. Traffic blocks and crawls are a constant refrain from those who are at Bangalore or have been there in recent times. Unending flocking of people to this once wonderful city for lack of better or equally good options. Will the smart city dreams create alternatives, only time will tell.

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