Rain Rain Come Again… (Little) I Want to Play 

Is today the only day without rain? Is it just because I have come to see it!!

One of the things in the agenda during this brief holiday is to jump into the open when heavens open and sheets of water come down. Would I have done it in Uparika Malika! I don’t know…

But tomorrow I am going to my home village and the house I grew up in. There if the rain comes, I can almost guarantee that I will be out there where I used to be many many years ago.

I also will explore the changes the new check dam has introduced. Bathing and some fishing in the river where again I used to grow up. Will try some old tricks.

While it is mango planting that’s in the plan on the land in Bangalore, I would explore the option of some dwarf variety of coconut trees in the land in thidanad.

That should take care of another wish list of making virgin coconut oil.

Then some jackfruit trees, mangostine and rambootan trees along with it.

I must try and look for some of my childhood favorites of the wild such as vettipazham, kothumullu, njonda nodiyan etc. it will grow there and they were there in the wild when I was small. Question is to find these almost extinct exotics.

Too many things… Too little time. But then the degree of difficulty makes it sweeter.

SMart thinking. Yes….

Rain Rain Come Again… (Little) I Want to Play 

7 thoughts on “Rain Rain Come Again… (Little) I Want to Play 

  1. What is all this …rambootan, vettipazham, kothumullu, njonda nodiyan ,,never heard of it..I think you have a good writer in you Kurian..have you ever thought of writing stories for children ..?

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