Trishanku more than Walter Mitty.

I do have many avatars, some I use for sheer convenience and may be to prove that I am indeed sane, despite some of the inexplicable madness.

Walter Mitty- I can go anywhere, be with anyone I like, including the goddess.

Then there are ‘secret’ to command anything, Aphradite’s stone with a specific motto and direct connection. etc etc…

Then there’s Trishanku. Trishanku is a unique character, for one he got Godess favor and happy that way. 

But in his Swargam, he is suspended upside down. Godess while agreeing to be his friend forgot the normal positioning. 

Thus suspended upside down, I the modern Trishanku is wondering if I will ever allowed the normal positioning!!!

When confronted with issues and problems raised, Trishanku offered Godess a solution. Be the one’s in next life.

But does that mean Trishanku has to be upside down till the end of this one?

The Godess’s response- ‘I am busy’…..

Trishanku more than Walter Mitty.

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