Back to School 

My stock phrase getting back to office or going to office is ‘enikku pallikkoodam ondu’ meaning I have school.
I am back in school after a fairly sufficient holiday where some of the dreams were met while most of the exciting reunions did not happen. 

But I am clear on one thing. I know what to do after I come back.

Now back to school on the first day after break as the first person in the office, a title I mostly preserved for most of my career.

Routine is important. The communication media started along withthe Cyprus trip has been carefully taken along. Don’t make any mistakes, it’s a companion when I go to bed also, and There are rituals for communication.

Similarly there are rituals while in school (office) with the commutation medium. As it always happen the law of attraction and the power of the Godess gift made the two way channel open (evidenced with online).

But didn’t communicate as the medium can do it. The medium does that at a different level as planned and agreed in the beginning.

Confusing. Maybe! But not for me.

I am very clear. There’s method in madness….

    Back to School 

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