Dreamer from Obsessed or Obsessed Dreamer 

Perhaps you haven’t noticed; I have changed my title from Obsessed to Dreamer. I may reiterate here that I am still obsessed and ‘Obsessed Dreamer’ will put things in the right perspective.

Nothing is changed though. Except that I have perhaps resolved a big thing, an obsession still, by opting for resolution in the next life. That should restore order, but make no mistake; what has happened has happened and it will be c/o (carried over) from this life and b/f (brought forward) in the next. Actually no need for bracketed explanations; finance experts know!!

Having resolved it, the next concentration is UHDP (Ultra High Density Planting) mangoes.

The recent farm visit in Bangalore had two partners with a third one narrowly missing the visit. The biggest gain is that Sunu is now fully aligned.

The initial script… Plant about 1200 mango trees in 2acres using UHDP. Get 10 partners for 120 trees for each. Share expenses among 10 which will work out to be nominal as the land cost is not included.

Main items are a small house in the land for a caretaker family to stay (availability and wages discussed and all positive). A bore well and tank for drip irrigation with abundant water in the area. 

Expertise and assistance available from a nearby agricultural university 

Bangalore based partners when visiting farm for supervision to get cost reimbursement 

Then joint picnics- farm, local and international and get togethers etc etc.

Now it’s time to join. 


Dream and Obsession…. a reality…

Dreamer from Obsessed or Obsessed Dreamer 

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