Social Media Impact… again!!

Instagram is the most expressive social media platform. Of course Whatsapp is the most intimate!

Facebook perhaps is the most famous. My problem with Facebook is that it encourages ‘voyeurism’. There are many of your friends hiding in there, observing all that you do but refuse to say so.

Actually that’s not a problem. Just an observation and an attempt not to be one.

LinkedIn is useful when you are keen to be in touch, mostly official. By the way this is one media where I pay a monthly fee to be in touch with over 3000 connections and indirect access to millions.

Back to my theme, the expressive Instagram opened me onto an incredible talent. The photos posted are expressive and professional, the comments poetic. 

Exploring further I chanced upon some of the writings. And my God! They are truly amazing.

I don’t know the name of the talented person, nor other contact details other than a few guesses possible from the posts. But the mentor instinct in me is active.

Oh yes, I may not be a mentor worthy of such talent. But I am willing to try!


Social Media Impact… again!!

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