Past Life… This Life… Next Life………

It was a casual talk, about a friend getting his kid’s hair shaved off while on holiday in India. Many do that in India.

Then there was a mention of it’s significance.. ok well, one of the views. That is the past life is erased by getting rid of the hair!

I have a situation here. If mid life is the right time for a crisis, it’s the middle one, this life creating the situation for me.

It all began with a pact, started after taking a stone from my favorite Godess Aphradite’s Rock in Cyprus. This was an arrangement to take a pleasant communication to a different level.

The total devotee in me followed every step instructed and achieved the level. In fact the intensity and devotion took it to still further high levels. 

There was a deliberate attempt to play it down with all possible definitions and admittedly with a failed assumption that the level is possible without IT.

It’s said you can fool some people for sometime, but you can’t fool everyone all the time. And definitely you can’t fool yourself.

What does it mean? You got IT.

What do you do!! Tell the Godess. Well Godess knows, the stone from the rock has heard it the thousands and thousands of times and it is the direct communication medium.

But then you’re a responsible person. Certain things can’t be altered. Certain people should not get affected.

Then you are dealing with the Godess. And Godess showed the way. Postpone to next life. Pact then.

The turmoil is settled. Carry forward to next life. Things got back to normal. The other communication channel which got almost dormant, got activated and was open for a long time today.

But then, while bringing forward IT from this life, a reminder note will have to be there in the next “don’t shave off the hair” bring forward IT to the next for blissful continuation.

Please diarise…. 

Past Life… This Life… Next Life………

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