Blogging- A place for dreamers to flock!!!

I started the blogs following someone I knew, reintroduced, thought I admire, may have then become a little snooty.

Then I realized that it’s the right forum for a dreamer like me to be expressive.

Walter Mitty is my alter ego. I have been Walter Mitty ever since I read it many many years ago.

Then came the movie which put “ground control to major tom” …. on my lips whenever I get into the daydream mode, which is almost every time….

Now I love my blogs on the blog site in WordPress. I open it every now and then to view the statistics. I am not excited though as the number of views. Likes and comments are good to get anyone out of it.

However there’s a chance, no a possibility that my targets can read them from emails and poor WordPress is incapable of tracking them.

Let me believe that the targets get them.

I must admit that the person who inspired my getting to blog isn’t a prime target. I am happy if that happens though.

There’s my favorite classmate who reads and comment on each and every one of my blogs. God bless her…. thank you very much. Continue the support.

I have some other usual targets. They sometimes comment or like one or two.

The latest target is anonymous, found on the expressive Instagram. Here I have concluded that I chanced on an incredible talent who wish to be unassuming and prefer to be left alone with the small things which are favorites and the dreams expressed in canvas, most wonderful writing  and songs. My only hope is that the writings are fictional, imagination and not life experiences.

Finally, yes finally there’s the Godess. I was directed to Cyprus and asked to take the stone. I took it out of Aphradite’s Rock and followed instructions to the book. 

The understanding was communication at a different level. Yes these are the exact words.

But the level reached in no time, rituals continued. What was taken from Cyprus reached the heart every night before sleep and it heard me thanking the universe. That is to the book.

Then it started telling me ‘you fool, this thanksgiving need not be at my expense ‘. I’m much more. Listen to me.

I listened. It became constant companion. Got the center stage, touching my life in every which mode, dreamer, real life joys and sorrows, Walter Mitty, epic, gothic et all.

It can’t be. It shouldn’t be. SM probably as per some definitions anyone can be. 

You are Walter Mitty, you can make that to be so. SMs.

No, not working. It is different. Oh my God, I have… Yes it is that.

But it can’t be that. But it is. Cyprus medium doesn’t accept anything but confession and the best expression of it-kisses.

Then I heard… if it can’t be this life, what  about next life? Believe in it!! Why not!

Ask Godess!! …. yes of course.

Problem solved. Can continue to get fulfilled in next life….

For now, hide here… where dreams flock?!…

Blogging- A place for dreamers to flock!!!

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