No-Rules in Love and War. No War for Love. Just say I Do..

I am an advocate of blogs where my latest observation is that dreamers meet there. Also this is an ideal place for soul mates to hide. Well if you think you’re still in search for your SM, then search here.

Then I thought about lovers… This confusion is because I have distinctly differentiated it from SM. As a support, I used definition which says soulmate can be anyone. But then if you ask whether I know the person who wrote the definition, the answer is NO.

If someone asks again, do you think SM can be someone who is not your lover? Then I have to tell you the truth. NO, I don’t think so. 

So what does that mean. For one, if blog sites are where SMs hide, then it’s the same place where lovers hide. So if you want to search for love, search here.

This is all possible since there’s no rules in war and love. Interestingly both can be independent. If you’re in a no-rules love, it doesn’t mean that you’re to have a no-rule war. 

That’s a blessing since the very reason you’re hiding is because you’re afraid of a war. Once the war is avoided you can have a no-rules applied love. No need to try and cheat yourself saying she is your SM and quote some stupid definition.

I know you know and they know  that lovers actually do not hide. So while blog site is where lovers hide, a no-rule in the no-rule love is that lovers don’t hide. They know what exactly is happening.

If someone says ‘how can it be, you’re already committed’ don’t say anything. Just pull out the no-rule number one, which says ‘there’s no rules’.

Just say you love. Say it here, everywhere, including in your prayers. 

To talk about prayers, remember the first object worshiped is stone. Then talk to stone and say ‘I do’.

Wait, you can still pray for continuation in next life. Yes no-rules applied…..


No-Rules in Love and War. No War for Love. Just say I Do..

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