Moving on… Holding tight to bring forward in next…

My last post here ‘no rules in love and war. No war for love. Just say I do….’ Is quite a masterpiece (I think). At least it gave me solution to many doubts and dreams..

But the little worrying thing is that it doesn’t show any views on it. I assume that many of you read these posts on the email alerts without getting in the WordPress site and the email views are not captured by the WordPress statistics.

Assuming that those who should be reading them have read on email, I may continue.

By the way, a piece of information to those who do not want to be seen as one who has viewed my blogs. When you get in WordPress site, I get to see statistics that there’s a view but the viewer is not identified. I just know that someone has read the post. Great satisfaction for me though.

Then if you want me, yes only me, to know that you have read a post and liked it, then press the like button. I will be very very happy to see it.

And if you want your comments on the blog post and don’t care if others also see them, then please do comment. I for one will surely acknowledge and respond. This is the happiest situation.

So it’s clear, in addition to being a dreamer, I am also an attention seeker.

I must say one of the friends posted a quote item on a social media titled 

‘Validation Whore’

‘Someone who can’t resist the urge to post every stupid, mundane, unimportant detail of their life on social media, in the hope of getting someone to like, comment on, or be impressed by what their life entails ‘

Get a grip. Save the effort.

Nobody cares. Seriously…’

Remember one of my old stories of the mantry like birbal in a mallu Royal court catching the chicken thief by saying “the one who has stolen the chicken has a feather of the chicken on his head ” (kozhi kattavante thalayil pappund). And the thief checked his head.

Likewise I checked my head!!!!

Usually I encourage people who post on social media with a like. But I didn’t in this case. A real thief indeed. Congratulations for catching me.

But a lot of things are resolved by my previous post. I can now say ‘I do’.And the stone from Cyprus listens and feel the impact hundreds of times a day.

Now it’s time to move on…. Through this life carried over to the next…

Moving on… Holding tight to bring forward in next…

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