My Coach……

I’m a self assured mentor, with quite a number of mentees in the arsenal, some, where success is good and others not so bad.

Then I thought I am mentor to a very special person. In a way I am, but I started experiencing some strong personality traits. 

Yes indeed, mentor-mentee relationship is both ways and both are to benefit.

The mentee started introducing the mentor to some beautiful insights. The beauty of them and the usefulness made the mentor embrace the new learning wholeheartedly.

They are so powerful that the benefits are immeadite and measurable.

The mentor found mentees quotes better in quality and more useful for life experiences than from those famous philosophers.

There are many and I remember and try to practice most of them. The overriding one is a sweet change to a very common one. Healthy, wealthy and wise is amended to ‘healthy, wealthy and HAPPY’.

‘End of the day life is about Happiness’ it’s okay to be selfish to be happy’

You see, my options are limited. What do I do? I told my mentee, the roles are reversed! You are the mentor!


I missed a heartbeat, then it came; clear like crystal: I am the ‘COACH’

I have a coach!! Yaay…

I am a regular gym visitor, doing the same routine every day. No weight loss, no apparent benefits. Approached the Coach. Now I have an exercise chart. ‘Don’t get your body adjust to what you do’

Followed it the first day itself. Surely it will do good. Thank you coach.

The coach used to view my blogs. Now I am not sure. Coach if you’re seeing this, give a signal and accept the ‘gurudakshina’….

My Coach……

2 thoughts on “My Coach……

  1. Success of any relationship depends on how useful / fulfilling it is to both parties. Once you accept that and strive towards it, your success is ensured. You are a good mentor or coach or whatever you like to call yourself and be happy about it. 😊

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