Small Things; Again….

Some small things have profound influence on my life. These include things like a distinct inability or strong aversion to do some of the routine things people do generally.

One is the dislike and inability to go to movie theatre alone to watch a movie. Another one is  fine dining or eating out in a restaurant alone. The food requirement however can be met by ordering food, take away, home delivery and pre cooked packaged food.

And then there’s the experiment of doing it yourself, especially trying to relive childhood memories. Some of the items are displayed in the whatsapp broadcast group ‘cooking exotica’.

Weekends are for rest except for accompanying wife to shopping places, eating out and movies. And I don’t mind going to office on Saturday morning for half day for uninterrupted work atmosphere best suited for some planning. This is not objected to as the cleaning lady is less bothered (and vice versa).

I also believe in not visiting friends and relatives unless invited. Everyone needs space and some privacy, just respect that.

And now I am in a unique situation. My wife is in the US and I am all alone at home. The excruciating heat and the 10 day Kuwait summer humidity are all happening now.
That’s when the Apple TV and streaming of movies come in to compliment an hour in the gym.

Apple TV connects to Netflix mainly for English movies and gives a good selection of some off beat Malayalam movies. So in addition to some English movies, saw two Malayalam movies. One ‘Anamayil Ottakam has three good stories and worth watching. The second ‘Hello Namasthe’ is also good.

Both are low budget movies with some random actors performing very well. I do hope they get collection to make a small profit for the producers.

There’s however one observation. I don’t cry seeing sad movies and generally don’t like to see them. But there’s a waterfall when scenes of positive emotions are displayed. It’s not just tears of joy! It’s more of a good heart (I hope). As such there’s no need to be embarrassed. And the good thing is that the downpour is when I am alone…Certainly loneliness…..

Small Things; Again….

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