Fitness: workouts, gyms, devices…

Fitness is something I really want. It’s not easy though. But I have certain qualities which when nurtured can give me some satisfaction of doing okay in this highly competitive arena.

To begin with I have been a sportsman. More appropriate correction is ‘I am a sports enthusiast’.

That’s a good beginning. Though this trait found avenues during study days. Work life balance has several other things to take care of pushing active sports into the background.

When you become relatively successful, the success tends to get into you and starts showing up in the tummy area which some people hatefully call it ‘prosperity’

The last thing you want then is to show your prosperity to others. When I was planning to buy a luxury car in India, some people warned me of some dangers. No, your guess is absolutely wrong here. It’s not the income tax.

It’s the the local dada, the goonda who would like a share in this type of prosperity. That was quite a few years back. Now you become one of them and can generate fear if you own a luxury car as your co-owners are those people I just mentioned.

But that’s the prosperity, vain people like me want to show off. It has some privilages though. Some like the guard at the church’s gate will open the gate just to accommodate your showpiece for a crowded wedding day. And that popular restaurant in town will remove the parking barricade at the entrance.

That’s good to have, though mean. But the so called prosperity under mention here is totally undesirable. Your smart attire of thin fit jeans and the body tight T shirt give way to lose unattractive and not sexy outfits.

I must say the businessmen of the east and north of India managed to hide it with the innovative Safari Suit. This unique discovery seems to have disappeared now and I know the reason.

My Bombay based co-brother in law once sported one in a family get together and my no nonsense Oxfordian and member of the ICS tribe, father in law asked him ‘is this your company’s new uniform’?

Back to prosperity at the tummy, i have some successes over the years and the success depended on the environment and situation at that time.

Some say you exercise to impress the neighbor. That worked for me. Then there’s these walks in the park where the attractiveness of the fellow walkers are incentives. This however became risky when one of them started overtaking me.

One important environmental positive is when you have a great gym within the complex where you stay. This happened for me during my Hongkong stint where the level-5 gym of the 52 floors residential complex is one of the best I have seen so far.

The result is daily and sincere efforts while the like minded and attractive company optimized the enthusiasm. Some well developed muscles and overall improvement made me almost a role model. The best of the results anytime.

The swimming pool in Uparika Malika is an addiction. 2 kms swim non-stop is something I want to get back to. 

In the meantime in Kuwait, the limited facility gym and the minuscule swimming pool of the building are not offering much of the options. The routine adopted around the available facility is not giving any positive results.

That’s when my coach intervened. Now I am following coach’s advice and the results are already felt within one week of following the chart and advises.

Thank you Coach…

Fitness: workouts, gyms, devices…

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