Happy Friedship Day….

I got reminded of the friendship day from the fb post of a friend. And that merits this discussion. 

Take a look at relationship. First there’s family, then you have friends through different stages like school friends, college friends, just friends etc etc.

Looking closer we may see that all positive relationships end up in friendship. We have heard and read statements like ‘my father is more like a friend’. ‘My brother is my best friend’ and so on…

Then the most important event happen in our lives; we fall in love and get married or get married and fall in love.

Soon one will realize that your loved one is to be your friend. If I say it, here it is:- without friendship no relationship can sustain.

Then there are quotes like a soulmate need not be your lover. SM can be anyone. Many of us including me perhaps tried to hide behind these definitions and personally speaking it’s all bullocks!!!

When you find SM, just realize that you found love 

Even here, it’s not sustainable unless the two people are friends.

So you are friends with your parents, siblings, spouse, lovers, SM, neighbor, children and your friends.

So friendship is very important. And the friendship day…

Then, remember ‘you like some people more than others’. Filtering deeply this would end up with one person.

Remember that person today like every other day. And consider yourself lucky to have that person…

Happy Friedship Day….

3 thoughts on “Happy Friedship Day….

  1. Mary Kuriakose says:

    A friendship in real sense is a blessing.Only very lucky people get that.It is a God,s Gift.A friend who understands our feelings,our difficulties ,our happiness,cares,responds to queries,our doubts, can be called as real friend.I do not believe in having lots of friends without the above qualities.If we are having only one that is more than sufficient.I think,in Kurian Jacob’s definition that friend can be called as SM.

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