Gym… Failure 

I thought I had a ‘failure’ in the gym yesterday!!

Don’t worry, I am talking about the resistance training and pushing the weights to that failure reps. Yes I used to push the lifting to that level almost every alternate day in my Hongkong gym days.

Achieving that failure stage is probably ‘the achievement’ in the gym routine.

But the last night’s problems can’t be that. The reason, I am not at the level of pushing that huge weight to the failure stage in that last extra impossible push. Now I do reps with fractions of that weight and hope to achieve some results with varying repetitions. 

That’s following the coach… 

But the coach also asked me to take a day away from gym every week. With the failure like symptoms, today should have been that day.

However, I was in the gym as usual. I have to achieve the targeted result. The off day maybe tomorrow. But no guarantees….

Gym… Failure 

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