Learning Experience and Positive Adoption 

The real meaning of learning experience is failure. Not exactly a positive failure like the gym failure, but the actual failure made positive by the term ‘learning experience’.

Recently I had a failure. I was to have breakfast with a family who are in the most favorite list. And decided on what all to be taken and bought things except for one item which I decided to make.

That’s my usual virgin coconut oil, home made. The usual preparation is with 5 to 6 coconuts and decided to double the quantity with 10 coconuts.

So went to the Kerala store which I patronise and got the coconuts. The store keeper selected the nuts for me saying they just arrived by air from Kerala.

Friday morning I got up and started the process, all manual and organic. There was only one problem, the nuts were a bit tender and it was an effort to extract the flesh from the shell like peeling the shell of a boiled egg which is fresh.

The coconut has to be mature to yield  oil. The store would have got the nuts from a Malayalee coming back from holiday and plucked the coconut to coincide with his departure so that they can be brought within the baggage allowance- freight free.

So I had to go for the most enjoyable breakfast and chat, sans one present.

The learning experience is….

The planned shared effort on planting mangoes in the Bangalore farm using the ultra high density planting method now involves planting coconut trees along the boundary. 

For this select high yielding dwarf varieties high on oil content. Suppose we plant 50 trees and the usual yield is every 45 days and with a very conservative estimate of 10 coconuts per tree per yield, it is 500 coconuts every other month. 

We get 1 liter of virgin oil from 21 nuts, meaning 24 liters of the super food. So build a facility for oil production along with the accommodation for the caretaker and we get to gather on the farm and produce very organic virgin coconut oil. That’s 3 liters every 45 days for the participating targeted 8 partners.

Plus chance for getting together and picnic and party for partners.

Definitely added incentive to the sheer mango pleasure.

Join in….

Learning Experience and Positive Adoption 

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