You & Me

Finally it has come down to this. Still obsessed, from last year, the dream stage has been through to this ‘You & Me’

The new title to these pages have evolved. From being Walter Mitty through to Trishanku back on to dreaming and now the actualisation. 

Miles to go and promises to keep.

Not exactly before I sleep. Again the sleep is closely monitored on Fitbit with a target of 7 hours which rarely is achieved.

There are nightly routines, using media of the piece of Aphradite’s Rock, chanting mantra taught by the Godess.

Fitbit says x times awake (performing ritual narrated by Godess’; many x times restless (searching for the stone which has fallen off the left side where it was kept before sleep)

Now finally:-

Priyapetta Ninakk…… Ninte swamtham njan (Dear you…… Yours, me)

You & Me.

You & Me

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