I Have a Heroine Now…

Dipa Karmarkar stood tall at the Olympic Games last night. The fourth place broke many hearts. I was standing up with folded hands throughout her performance, praying.

Interestingly I wanted her to win the gold. Interestingly because I don’t want Simone Biles to fail either. As it would have broken many young hearts all over the world.

Dipa narrowly missed a medal as part of her back slightly touched ground along with her legs and I assume that cost her the silver medal.

She is now looking at the 2020 Olympics. Let’s pray together that she will bag medals there.

Produnova vault is regarded as the most dangerous gymnastics item and probably the most dangerous sport event. Dipa is one of five who have successfully completed it.

Go for it Dipa… We are with you with our prayers.

I Have a Heroine Now…

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