Stone… First Object Worshipped…

Aphrodite the Greek Goddess is my favorite mythical character, for the special characteristic she is associated with. When a ‘stone pact’ was made, it was thrilling to learn that I would be traveling to her place and Rock in Cyprus. 

The sea around her Rock washed her pieces several times and pushed them onto the shore. Then the waters started kissing them with orchestrated waves giving them the shape, beauty and freshness.

That’s where I landed to pick up my part of the stone. Absolutely thrilled and more confused as to which one to select, I collected nearly a dozen. Now the question was, which one’.

The next visit was to a church and I left the stones in the car when I went into the church. There I saw St  George picture and I thought I should ask him which stone as I treat him as someone very close, being the patron saint of Arivithura church.

And I felt something in my pocket. I had kept a stone which I thought was the chosen one in the pocket while picking up the stones. The selection has been made.

I have followed the brief to the script and the stone has become my constant companion, starting in bed to begin with, but now almost permanently in my pocket, when I drive, when I go to meetings and even during a recent visit to the nearby house…

One convenient omission is in gym. But the gym routine has to do a lot to do with stone story. Tonight’s highlight will be that I noticed half a kg reduction in weight. Probably a more accurate machine would give it at 400 grams. The coach should know and I need to just tell that through the stone.

Initially I used to keep the stone on the heart, while wishing all good things as per the script. And when I sleep off, the stone falls off and I had to search for it every time I wake up at night.

Now after the heart routine I keep it on the pillow kissing it when I sleep off lying on my side; and it stays.

I am now a better person, wiser, less arrogant, know priorities, know the secret, follow the coach and am already deriving the benefits of proper work out etc etc.

And most importantly stopped excuses inventing and following some definitions and instead say it courageously ‘I do’

And I said, wiser… And I can handle it…

Stone… First Object Worshipped…

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