Upset Over Small, No Big Things 

After watching a Jason Bourne movie late into the night, I had a sound 7 hours sleep and was in good spirits in the Saturday morning. 

Friday was very nice after sharing exotic Chendamuriyan kappa with Uppum Mulakum with my favorite neighbor family and chatting with them into lovely lunch cooked very much to my liking.

And I am having good gym sessions these days with visible positive results following directions from my favorite coach.

As such the settings were right for a relaxed Saturday. Asianet channel was on when I settled down to do some usual whatsapp chats.

TV was about the lady in Kerala who was killed by the stray dogs. Then the anchor invited one guy from the society against cruelty to animals. This guy was heard talking about media reporting involvement of 50 dogs and 100 dogs…. Etc. What the hell!!

I can’t break the TV, but for one it doesn’t belong to me. It’s from the landlord. 

Tried to retrieve the day listening to Sindhu and seeing all the comments and tweets.

Then it’s the usually trustworthy and friendly Google which played spoilsport. Some 900,000 searches to find out the caste of Sindhu !!!!!

What’s an appropriate exclamation here?

Jesus Christ….

Upset Over Small, No Big Things 

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