Just Like That…

I am still active on this blog site, though it seems that most of my friends have gotten tired of them and I don’t see many views in statistics. Again I don’t know who are these one or two, who sometimes take interest. Well thank you all for bearing with me.

In any case the show must go on. But this is perhaps more than ‘just like that’.

Yesterday Sunu came back from US where she was at our daughter’s. She was away for 37 days!! 

It’s of course not like old days. We were connected twice a day on FaceTime. Virtual contact…

I must say that i managed quite well alone. There has been a lot of focus on fitness and workouts. My coach has been the biggest asset as she introduced me to a new routine in the gym. It’s working.

There’s one area though, where I have disobeyed the coach. That’s my doing it every day in spite of instructions to have a day of rest in a week. That’s going to happen now as Sunu loves shopping and I have to accompany  sometimes.

The proud gift she has gave me before was the James Bond exclusive Omega watch. Like all premium watches it’s not digital and the watch is alive depending on how active you are with it. 

Yesterday she came with a new gift. This one is too good. I am still on the learning curve but the Apple Watch is the in-thing and does so many things for me including monitoring my heart and giving me road directions. I will however keep the Omega safe and alive as she bought it with money she made from vegetable carving classes. Priceless…

Just Like That…

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