I Know You Are Busy…

When someone said something like ‘Attention Whore’ for attention seekers in social media, I accepted the criticism as I am one of that kind.

So it’s natural that I get uncomfortable when I see serious delinquency in viewers to my posts. Though my heart rate go up before and after checking the WordPress site for any viewers (the Apple Watch does that for me now), I am here to continue.

It’s more or less like my favorite activity- fishing. I put the line in the hope that someone will notice the bait and bite. Nowadays I don’t even have the story of the big fish that got away..

And I can’t stop as its a very effective communication medium. It compliments the stone which I put on my heart every night before sleep and thank everything. Well that was in the beginning. Now it does much more, it talks, listens, replies and assures. The promised level has reached…

For the past 37 days when I was the sole occupant of the King size, this part of Godess Aphrodite has been free to move around and explore. Now that the king size is shared, it takes shelter under the pillow after the ritual.

Like the stone, the posts here also talk my mind. And the conclusion always is ‘yes I do’


I Know You Are Busy…

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